Industrial Silo Cleaning

Maximising your return using Silo Cleaning of storage tanks, hoppers, and storage facilities.

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Blocked Silo

Why Choose Us

The BIC team has over 20 years combined experience in the industry.

During this time we have developed an eco-friendly silo cleaning solution. Simply put, it saves time and money.

Bulk Industrial Cleaning will provide you with a professional service you won't regret.

BIC's unique silo cleaning system has been developed over many years of cleaning out silo's, hoppers, and bins.

BIC's silo cleaning method takes approximately 1/2  to 2/3's the time of conventional hose and bin whip cleaning.

Our Service

Clients who have already used our  Silo Cleaning services have recommissioned us to provide preventative maintenance plans. We save companies thousands while maximising their silo load capacities.

Commercial Cleaning

Bulk Industrial Cleaning provides end of lease warehouse cleaning services allowing business to focus on your new location.

Silo Cleaning

Free material flow from silos and bunkers experiencing build-ups and forming bottle necks, bridges, arches, rat holes and wall build-ups.

IBC Cleaning

IBC Cleaning will be added to our portfolio of services. Design's are being created to develop a mobile cleaning facility.

Behind the Company

A team of reliable technichians who strive to maximise results.

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Silo Cleaning Services BIC provide

  • Feed
  • wheat mills
  • soybean meal
  • fertilizer
  • cement
  • catalysts
  • clay
  • glass
  • clinker
  • coal
  • coarse ore
  • concentrate
  • coke
  • fly ash
  • hydrated lime
  • wood chips
  • gravel
  • gypsum
  • minerals
  • paper pulp
  • plastics
  • powders
  • refuse
  • salt
  • dust
  • sand
  • sawdust
  • slag
  • soda ash
  • blood meal
  • wood pulp
  • many more…

What Customers Say

A quick and effient process, our main storage tanks were bridged over making it a costly exercise trying to refil cartage bins, BIC fixed that.

Charles Strifler

Sunny Side Food Storage

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